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From high school garage bands to solo coffee shop gigs where the cappuccino’s flowed like wine, to playing with great talented friends on wonderful stages, music has been leading my life for decades. My musical influences range from artists and bands like Def Leopard, Pearl Jam, and Paula Abdul to Amos Lee, Martin Sexton, Stevie Wonder, Leon Bridges, and many in between. I love a vocal and lyric that can break your heart as well as a tasty melody that gets stuck in your head for days at a time. A rip-roaring guitar solo has its place as well. 

I write and perform so that I can connect with the listener. I strive to create moments in a song or a set where people feel that I wrote that chorus or verse specifically for them. I look around me for inspiration to bring to song and stage. Some songs are ripped directly from my day to day and past. Other songs are built from the people I get to experience in the community around me. 

When I get to the stage whether by myself or with the band, I look for those moments to build connection. It’s also no secret that I gage success by tears. Either from reflection and experiencing a balm to the soul, or from laughter from the banter and commentary between songs. Most of the music that can be heard from me and the band is original, however, there are a few tasty covers that we have reimagined and built with our own emotion and flavor. 

Come join me note for note and beat for beat. Let’s become friends and make some moments together. We will both be glad we did. 

Live Band Snapshot